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Recording amazing drum sounds doesn’t need to feel scary & complicated…

So many drummers have all the skills they need to share AMAZING musical ideas with the world! Maybe you enjoy playing-along to your favorite songs, but have never recorded a drum cover that you’re REALLY proud of. Or maybe you’ve recorded your own songs and performances before, but you just couldn’t get it to sound like you ACTUALLY played.

Maybe you think that studio-quality drum sounds are reserved for tech-savvy drummers with massive recording budgets or professional audio engineers, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

And that’s why we’ve created THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO RECORDING DRUMS where you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your kit, tune your drums, and get your source to sound way better…
  • Get the most out of your microphones, recording, and mixing without all the guesswork…
  • Adjust your drum sound for any set up, venue, genre, or whatever else you need…

During the official Recordeo launch, you’ll have the opportunity to join us risk-free for three full months (with our 90-day guarantee) to see for yourself. We’ll help you overcome that scary fear of technology that keeps drummers away from sharing their musical ideas -- and you’ll see that YOU ARE WORTHY of being recorded and that your musical ideas can make a difference in the world around you.

Sorry! Recordeo is now closed…


Don’t let bad audio RUIN your creativity on the drums! You’ll learn how to set up your kit, tune your drums, place your microphones, and mix the drums to create incredible drum solo recordings!

Great For: YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram


Do you wish your recordings sounded the way they FELT when you were playing? You’ll learn how to produce radio-quality songs and album recordings using affordable equipment and software.

Great For: Song Recordings, Albums, Music Videos


Get the EXACT sound you want from your drums for your live performances: in any style of music, for any venue (big or small), and without needing to break the bank!

Great For: Bar Concerts, Festivals, Stadium Shows

Everything You Need To
Record On The Drums

Audio recording is more than a course. It’s a journey! So you’ll get step-by-step
video lessons to give you faster results for recording drums PLUS ongoing live lessons,
personalized feedback, and unlimited support every step of the way.

Intro To Recording Drums

Gain the confidence you need to make technical choices on the drums, room, and recording gear to achieve incredible recordings - using the same techniques as the world’s best engineers.

Anatomy Of The Drum Kit

Having the right drum kit and cymbal sounds will make or break your recording. We’ll cover the different types of drum compositions, what they sound like, and how to choose the right drums!
12 LESSONS  /  1 HR 41 MINS

All About Drum Heads

Drum heads are one of the most exciting parts of the drums for sound -- and you’ll learn how you can dramatically change your sound with the wide range of heads, tuning, and muffing available.

How To Tune The Drums

Most drummers have a very shallow understanding for how to tune the drums. In this section, you’ll get the tips, tools, and training you need to tune your drums for any playing situation and every style of music!
11 LESSONS  /  2 HR 36 MINS

The Recording Room

The room you record the drums in has a massive impact on your sound -- and we’ll be going over the two main concepts with your room: sound isolation and acoustic treatment.

All About Recording Gear

Capturing the best drum sounds does NOT require super expensive gear. You’ll get proven advice for choosing recording gear that fits your budget while still delivering amazing drum sounds!
12 LESSONS  /  3 HR 11 MINS

Microphone Placement

Every microphone sounds very different. And you’re going to learn how to choose mics, place them around the kit, and set up for different genres and recording applications -- including full and minimalistic set ups!
18 LESSONS  /  2 HR 40 MINS

Recording The Drums

Your drums are set up, tuned well, placed in the right room, miked up, and ready to record! Now you’re going to learn how to set up your audio interface, DAW recorder, headphone mix, and how to record multiple takes.
8 LESSONS  /  2 HR 18 MINS

Mixing The Drums

You’ll get proven processing and mixing techniques that you can use IMMEDIATELY to improve your drum recordings -- and Victor’s personal artistic choices that he uses while mixing for Drumeo special guests.
5 LESSONS  /  1 HR 55 MINS

Tune in for live lessons on the biggest topics PLUS get your personal questions answered.

Connect with other drummers who are working on the exact same things as you!

Ask your biggest (or smallest) questions, share your videos, and get personal feedback.

Try Recordeo risk-free for three full months with our 90-day money back guarantee.

The Audio Engineer
Of The Pros

"Victor Guidera has been the secret to Drumeo’s sound for the past 10 years."


At Drumeo, we’ve received so many compliments from drummers around the world on the quality of sound in our drum videos -- the popping ‘crack’ of the snare, the punchy ‘dooom’ of the toms, and the boomy ‘ooomph’ of the bass drum.

So much so, that some of our celebrity guest drummers have contacted us years after their experience in our studio asking “who is your audio engineer?” and lined up side projects so they could re-capture that same magical sound. And the answer to that question, of course, has always been “Victor Guidera” (or as Drumeo Members call him, “Audio Guru”).

Victor has been the secret to Drumeo’s sound for the past 10 years -- designing the studios, setting up and miking the drums, recording and mastering for many of the most famous and influential drummers in the world including Dennis Chambers, Bernard Purdie, Kenny Aronoff, Peter Erskine, Antonio Sanchez, Larnell Lewis, Danny Seraphine, and so many more!

Recording drums is more than a career for Victor. It’s a way of life.

And now, for the first time ever… Victor is offering drummers (like you!) the chance to create your own amazing studio recordings, delivering practical & powerful advice that is guaranteed to improve your drum sound regardless of your budget, equipment, or studio set up.

Total Beginners...
...who’ve never recorded before will get a rock-solid foundation for tuning, miking, and mixing drums so you’ll be able to record your own music without any fancy set up or crazy costs.

Casual Enthusiasts...
...who enjoy recording but want better results will get key insights for improving the sound of every drum, miking for different set ups and purposes, and mixing to produce the exact results you want to hear (every single time).

Skilled Engineers...
...who already make money from recording (or want to make money from recording) will get proven insights and tactics for getting MORE from your drums -- from one of the most trusted sources in the industry.

And here’s the best part… the drum curriculum is only the beginning! Included in your membership is the future releases for guitar, piano, and bass… and everything else we’ll ever add to Recordeo.

Much like Drumeo, this membership site is going to continue to grow in value year after year -- continuously educating, inspiring, and empowering you with the best advice in the fast-changing tech world of audio recording and mixing. And when you join today, you’ll get it ALL at a massive discount -- and your discount will be grandfathered into your membership rate for as long as you remain a member.

So drummers: if you’re interested in making your drums sound better, this is your chance! Just sign up on this page and I hope to see you in the online members-area!

Co-Founder of Drumeo

Co-Founder of Recordeo

Best Drum Educator, Rhythm Magazine

What Drummers Are Saying...

...about Victor and his drum sounds.

Todd Sucherman (Drummer for Styx)

"If I ever do a solo record, I hope my toms sound like they did that day at Drumeo."

My experience with Victor Guidera at Drumeo was smooth and easy, the way it should be! We got our sounds rather quickly which is again how it should be. If I show up with great sounding gear that’s easy for me to tune up, it should just be a matter of putting up the mics and capturing what’s there. Victor had the mics of my choice (Audix) and we were off to the races straight away.

Victor got a very natural sound. The cymbals were at once dark and smokey but with gorgeous crystalline highs. The toms were the grand champions, each one ringing and singing true. If I ever do a solo record, I hope my toms sound like they did that day at Drumeo.

I know Victor has to deal with so many different types of drums, heads, cymbals, sizes, genres of music, and different players and personalities. I’d wholeheartedly recommend him for any musical situation. The pleasure was all mine.

Jonathan Moffett (Drummer for Michael Jackson)

"...he translated every figure I expressed through my performances in every aspect of the kit."

I worked with Victor while recording at Drumeo and everything sounded really great. There was clarity in the cymbals element of my drums, and in the actual drums themselves, and he translated every figure I expressed through my performances in every aspect of the kit.

Victor did a truly great job with his expertise in miking my kit and recording the drums. He was very easy to work with and I gladly recommend Victor to anyone who is looking for an engineer to give them the fine clarity and character to their drum kit.

Rich Redmond (Drummer for Jason Aldean)

"Victor is a total pro who knows his stuff."

Victor is a total pro who knows his stuff. We have done projects together in the studio and on the stage. His knowledge of production, editing and mixing is vast and he is a pleasure to work with.

Stanton Moore (Drummer for Galactic)

"I’ve received lots of great comments and compliments on the sound of my drums..."

I would definitely recommend Victor as an authority on recorded drum sounds. He did a great job on my Drumeo lesson and I’ve received lots of great comments and compliments on the sound of my drums in that video. Victor was great to work with and made my experience at Drumeo effortless and enjoyable. I hope to work with him again soon!

Mark McLean (Drummer for George Michael)

"...these are some of the best drum sounds I’ve had the pleasure of recording."

I had the pleasure of working with Victor at Drumeo. The drum sounds and overall mix is incredible. In fact, these are some of the best drum sounds I’ve had the pleasure of recording. Victor knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to recording drums and is very easy to work with. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity.

Michael Schack (Drummer for Netsky)

"In these days of overflowing social media posts, a good sound and good image makes the difference..."

I’ve been a Drumeo studio guest multiple times and every single visit sounded like an album. Recordeo captain Victor Guidera has, in addition to experience, the most important feature an engineer should have: good ears. Mixing audio for video is truly a craft, especially when going live.

In these days of overflowing social media posts, a good sound and good image makes the difference -- and Captain Guidera has been my personal teacher on video since my early days with Drumeo, now more than five years ago. I’ve learned a lot, which has taken me on the path of self-produced clips. Everyone deserves the perfect capturing of their performance.

Ben Sesar (Drummer for Brad Paisley)

"The drums sounded HUGE - not only in the control room, but on my computer when I watched back later."

I was amazed at the set up over at Drumeo. These guys had their studio dialed in. The drums sounded HUGE - not only in the control room, but on my computer when I watched back later. This is not an easy thing to achieve, especially when you consider I wasn’t even on my own kit.

Victor is what I would consider a textbook pro: He knows his studio, knows his room, and in the ‘time is money’ world of professional recording, I would definitely recommend him as a guy who can work quickly to get great sounds. In addition to that, he is relaxed, patient, and accommodating. It was quite early when I got in there. We had played a show the night before and I had ‘early morning hands’. Victor and the crew were patient, lighthearted, and stuck with me until I got warm and comfortable. Who could ask for anything more than that?

Mark Guiliana (Drummer for David Bowie)

"We were all set up and got great sounds in no time!"

I’m grateful that I had the chance to work with Victor during my trip to Drumeo. We were all set up and got great sounds in no time! He was very accommodating and captured the drums exactly as they sounded in the room - very natural, articulate and warm. I hope to get the chance to work with him again soon.

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How much time will it take to improve my recordings?

Like when you first started learning the drums, you’ll get ‘quick-wins’ right away that will make an immediate impact! And also like learning the drums, you’ll continue to learn new ideas and concepts for improving your skills.

Will I need to buy expensive equipment to get started?

Not at all! In fact, you’ll quickly learn how to improve the SOURCE of the recordings by optimizing your drum sounds and room set up without spending an extra dollar. You’ll also get tips that will vastly improve your recordings even if you’re just using your phone to record and edit the tracks.

Of course, if you’re able to invest in microphones, soundproofing, and a digital audio workstation then you’ll continue to see improvements in your recordings. But I wouldn’t suggest buying expensive equipment unless you’re ready to take full advantage it by first developing your skills.

Will I get the future courses on recording guitar, piano, and bass?

Yes! Everything we’ll ever release through Recordeo will be included in your membership.

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Recordeo is a membership for helping ANYBODY improve their recordings so they can share their musical ideas with the world -- so whether you’re only a drummer, guitarist, pianist, bass guitarist, or audio engineer you’ll get everything included in your account.

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