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The Audio Engineer
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Victor Guidera has been with Drumeo for 10 years - recording and mixing for many of the most famous and influential drummers in the world including Dennis Chambers, Bernard Purdie, Kenny Aronoff, Peter Erskine, Antonio Sanchez, Larnell Lewis, Danny Seraphine, and so many more!

He’s a go-to expert on getting the best possible sound out of your drums, and has educated thousands of drummers around the world through live seminars, video lessons, and private lessons. And now it’s your chance to apply these valuable insights to your own sound!


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Better Tuning
See what it takes to make the drums sound
great with any drumheads in any room!

Better Miking
Watch Victor demonstrate the foolproof way
to mic your drums for any genre of music.

Better Mixing
Discover the three mix settings you absolutely
need to know (available in any DAW).

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3 free videos for tuning, miking, and mixing your drums.

Free Video Series


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